Meet the Owner

Carl - Owner and Founder of Offensive LivingHi my name is Carl, owner and founder of Offensive Living.

I’ve been a tattoo artist for nearly 20 years. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, so it was natural that I would choose a career in art.

However it was not only the art that drew me to tattooing. My whole life, I’ve been fascinated by tattoos and the people who wear them. The freedom of expression.

The whole, “this is me and I don’t give a fuck what you think!”

I started my career in tattooing in the late 90s when tattooing was still very taboo. Especially in New Zealand and Australia, the two countries I bounced between.

Most people were shocked when they found out what I did for a job. People didn’t want to sit next to you on the bus. This may sound hard to believe, because it is so much more acceptable now — but that’s the way it was. I loved being non conformist or “RIFF RAFF” as my knuckle tattoos say.

Now tattoos are becoming acceptable and that’s great, but where to now for the creative outcast? It dawned on me that even though we are becoming more tolerant of some things, we are less of others.

That’s where Offensive Living comes in! It started with a simple idea that we wanted to make a statement on our front door. But where to buy such a product? It’s not like the local hardware shop sells mats or other items telling people what they really think! Just all the generic bullshit like “welcome”.

I believe people shouldn’t have to put up with crappy homeware products that don’t truly reflect who they are.

I believe that people should be able to say and be whoever they want to be in their own home… And their decor should reflect this!